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The first Decentralized Video Streaming and Sharing Platform, powered by Blockchain Technology

Web3Tube is the first fully decentralized video streaming and sharing platform. Fully decentralized, without the use of an external filing or network data scheme to assist in facilitating any portion of the video storage or retrieval process.

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Advantages of a Decentralized Video Streaming and Sharing Platform

Web3Tube gives platform browsers the opportunity to upload, share and stream content on a fully decentralized video platform. There are several advantages to the Web3Tube ecosystem accompanying the benefit of content creators being able to monetize their videos which they take time, consideration and focused effort to develop and capture.

The specific uniqueness of the Web3Tube platform is that content creators can set their own unique crypto rates and interact directly with subscribers without a third-party facilitator. All of this is done without the inconvenience of advertisements being constantly fed to the viewers to meet ad revenue goals by the distribution network, like it exists often in most traditional centralized models like YouTube, unless users pay for premium services. Web3Tube removes this annoying barrier.

Web3Tube Keeps Data Ownership with the Creator

Web3Tube decentralized video streaming platform keeps the exclusive rights of data ownership with the creators. The Web3.0 iteration is recapturing individual data privacy rights and removing the centralized authority which stores content in the traditional video platform models.

Content creators who publish on the Web3Tube platform maintain ownership of their intellectual property and content so they can be rewarded without giving over any form of their custodial rights.

Web3Tube is Censorship-Resistant

A very important element to the evolving world in which we live in is the right to freedom of speech and expression. Web3Tube is fully decentralized, and therefore, not governed by a central authority or governing body. There are no censorship or controlled locks placed on content shared through the decentralized video sharing platform in order to maintain this freedom.

Content creators on Web3Tube are free to upload and share content they feel is relevant to the messaging they wish to convey without the fear of being shadow-banned, blacklisted or otherwise.

Content Creators Set Their Own Prices on Web3Tube Decentralized Video Streaming Platform

Web3Tube was developed with the fundamental functionality to give the power of monetization to the content creators who make the engagement on the blockchain video sharing platform happen with interesting, entertaining content.

The Web3Tube decentralized video platform allows content creators to set rates in cryptocurrency, which subscribers pay to access exclusive content on their unique channels. All of this is made possible without the need for a middle man or institution.

Web3Tube has Many Benefits

The first fully decentralized video streaming and sharing platform has several benefits. Perhaps even more benefits become evident whenever we directly compare decentralized content distribution to centralized video streaming and sharing.

It is helpful to list out even a few more advantages of Web3Tube fully decentralized video streaming platform to give more points to consider for content creators and viewers on the Web3Tube network.

  1. Real-time HD quality video playback gives viewers a better experience watching videos from their favorite creators.
  2. Live stream function is available on the Web3Tube platform also. Platform users engage in full live streams and interact while sharing real-time experiences with your audience
  3. Low gas fees are charged for transacting on Web3Tube.
  4. Fast data transmission means fast video data retrieval rates, or network speed.
  5. Security on the Web3Tube goes an extra step thanks to authorized access control which is additional to the standard network security from modified data hashing.
  6. Viewers who enjoy specific content creators are able to choose how much crypto they share with creators on the Web3Tube network, and without a middle man.

Underlying Web3Tube Technology

The technology supporting Web3Tube Decentralized Application is the independent AuroraFS network. AuroraFS is the first of its kind, which in turn enables Web3Tube with the ability to be the first of its kind officially, not utilizing any connecting centralized platforms or points of the internal, backend process.

The AuroraFS P2P blockchain network was developed to give DApps developers with applications that stand out like Web3Tube, a commercially stable decentralized platform to build atop in support of developments.

This gives DApps Developers the chance to introduce their cutting edge developments on an efficient network, able to facilitate the seamless operation of the largest metaverse data storage project requirements and other heavily data-intensive decentralized applications.

Underlying ACO Data Retrieval Scheme Gives Speed to Video Playback

The AuroraFS decentralized blockchain network utilizes a data retrieval optimization scheme known as Ant Colony Optimization. ACO implements a unique retrieval algorithm that constantly allows for the fastest network routes to be established, remembered and used within the video playback functioning.

Web3Tube Helps Lead the way Forward for Decentralized Video Streaming

The web3.0 space is moving further towards greater adoption, as the benefit has been seen and expressed across industries like finance and global payments, more efficient and secure transmissions beyond payments, global file and data streaming in real-time, communications enhancements, and more.

Web3Tube video streaming and sharing platform gives creators and viewers on the decentralized content platform, the ability to browse and navigate the entire network without handing over your power or data privacy.

Web3Tube Platform Invites You Today!

This first-of-its-kind development gives users the ability to upload, share, stream, like, dislike, comment, subscribe, support all while enjoying the type of video content the viewer desires to see. No need to be advertised to either with any out of touch ads or infomercials that don’t relate to your goals or interests anyway.

Whether you are a creator or a viewer who loves to find new content that resonates with your own ideas and interests, Web3Tube is waiting for you and we hope to see you on the platform today!

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