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AuroraFS Decentralized P2P Platform Network

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Technology distinguishes the AuroraFS Decentralized P2P network

The AuroraFS electronic software and decentralized p2p cloud storage network system is set apart by technological innovations which took time to research, develop and perfect. The specific filing technologies used in IPFS and Swarm were closely studied and researched to come up with the AuroraFS authorized access network protocol that provides the speed of the blockchain architecture used in Swarm, with never before seen security, closing off data accessibility to system users which don’t hold authorized access keys to the information being requested. The advanced tech resources afforded by the AuroraFS system are consistently perfected.

Faster Data Streaming Thanks to the ACO Algorithm

The distributed hash technology implementation kademlia is the main point of inspiration for the AuroraFS peer to peer network multi-node parallel reading algorithm. The nodes in AuroraFS p2p network store, stream and share data in a distributed hash table scheme that is similar to the node functionality in the kademlia implementation. Content identifier mapping used to intelligently fragment and restring filed data bits that go through the sharding process, identify its connecting data file based on the closest available node in the network to speed up data retrieval.

Additionally, nodes have the ability to read data from a many number of nodes in the multi-node reading algorithm. This dramatically speeds up data streaming. AuroraFS empowers the development of peer to peer networks with ant colony optimization which optimizes the DHT network implementation even further, ensuring fast retrieval of unstructured data fragments that gets better as better routes are discovered automatically.

Peer to Peer Network Blockchain on Aurora

AuroraFS p2p network is the first blockchain technology bringing together lightning fast blockchain-powered data performance and the security of authorized access control. With extremely efficient data performance rates, the most advanced technologies can be built and housed on AuroraFS P2P decentralized cloud network. Global bandwidth provided by users, in exchange for crypto rewards distributed by verification from the server, also help give companies and decentralized web developers the AuroraFS edge.

The functions that are at work in the AuroraFS blockchain development is fragmenting, or sharding, relaying or sending and receiving data files, storing root data files, a job of the root chain, and also voucher calculations, protocol written into the sub chain function. The server verifies and distributes blockchain rewards to nodes which read requested data.

This internal-incentivization automated by communication between the nodes and the server makes the AuroraFS network flow smoothly, while maintaining the highest security standards. The specific blockchain development and internal system drivers present in AuroraFS p2p network give a clear advantage to developers because none of our blockchain developer peers possess the same patented solution.

Blockchain Development strong enough to build networks on

The blockchain technology used by the AuroraFS provides a clear advantage, being that it is a completely new innovation to the decentralized finance and blockchain tech spaces. AuroraFS blockchain has multi-chain functions and independently operating systems in the single multi-level layer-1 solution developed by Gauss Aurora Lab.

Decentralized Content for high performance networking and streaming

Dapps built on the AuroraFS p2p network are infused with tons of decentralized storage and streaming capability. The decentralized content capabilities are endless. Our global data resource pool of bandwidth and storage options, along with high powered decentralized computing power, give content distributors resources that help them edge out competitive peers.

Over 1 million nodes globally using the highly optimized data storage, streaming and security scheme implemented by AuroraFS peer to peer network blockchain, giving developers superior advantage to build dapps which give users and clients an optimal experience. Video streaming is HD clear, images are web3 equivalent, adding depth to the platform visual field. So whether selling products, services, streaming video, music, engaging in social networking, gaming, metaverse, or providing other data-driven resources, AuroraFS gives the edge as a peer to peer network blockchain.

The technological difference

AuroraFS p2p network presents the difference that empowers companies and businesses to build superior decentralized web applications and even networks which empower inter-organizational sharing and networking. AuroraFS electronic software provides tech resources, data security and performance that businesses need to stay competitive in the digital world.

Blockchain development with built-in blockchain incentives automated by server to node communication, decentralized content platform and ACO optimization. The three layers that make up the aligned AuroraFSs technology have been developed over years, and constantly perfected by the Gauss Aurora Lab developers to continue giving AuroraFS users, developers, clients and creators the solutions that put them beyond their competition.

Discover AuroraFS decentralized cloud storage and learn what it might do for your enterprise.