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AuroraFS Network Team

Warwick Powell

Professor Warwick Powell is a cryptocurrency and tokenomics expert, adjunct professor at Queensland University of Technology, and possesses extensive experience in the blockchain market. He is a director of a number of funds management companies and has experience in diverse industries, including cattle production and processing, information and communication technology, infrastructure, energy, and natural resources.

Santiago Del Valle

Santiago Del Valle is an experienced smart contract developer and Solidity developer with knowledge in Web3js and Reactjs. He is also a native Android and web developer with good knowledge on AWS linux based systems, SQL and NoSQL databases, as well as RESTFUL web services.

Xavier Boyen

Xavier Boyen is a globally experienced expert cryptographer, future research fellow & Queensland University of Technology associate professor. Xavier completed his PhD in Computer Science at Stanford University. He has contributed a number of protocols, several of which have been adopted by the industry and widely used in the real world for securing information and transactions in a privacy-friendly manner.

Charles Turner-Morris

Charles Turner-Morris is a senior commercial advisor and strategist, finance and commercialization specialist. Charles has over 30 years of experience in Financial Services, Sales and Accounting, and he has an in-depth supply chain knowledge which was developed in the UK and expanded upon in Australia.

Tony Lenko

Tony Lenko is an experienced business development manager, global marketer and strategist with over 20 years of experience in Europe, Australia and Asia. He assisted in multiple interdisciplinary start-ups and worked as a senior advisor in a range of businesses.

Thomas Miller

Thomas Miller is a native digital technologist, biomedical engineer, social entrepreneur and passionate programmer with experience in ConsenSys and Ethereum. Thomas is an active research and development specialist at Queensland University of Technology. Thomas was the first in Australia to work with ConsenSys and built out the ConsenSys blockchain team in Australia. He is passionate about the possibilities of peer-to-peer platforms to support more sustainable social, ecological and economic outcomes. .

Salil Kanhere

Professor Salil Kanhere is a professor at UNSW Sydney and Editor-in-Chief for Ad Hoc Networks Journal. Professor Salil is also an ACM distinguished speaker, IEEE Computer Society distinguished visitor, Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel award recipient 2020, Humboldt research fellow and published author.

Meet Us

AuroraFS Advisors

Trina Myers

Professor Trina Myers is a computer scientist and the Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching. Professor Trina is also a faculty of science and professor of Information Systems for the School of Information Systems at QUT and president of the Australian Council of Deans of ICT (ACDICT).

Kerry Brown

Professor Kerry Brown is a professor and ECU Research Theme Leader for Natural and Built Environments at Edith Cowan University. Professor Kerry is also active president of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management.