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Decentralized Cloud Storage on AuroraFS

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Benefits of AuroraFS decentralized cloud storage

AuroraFS uses a unique blockchain-aligned technological development to offer businesses and networks of all kinds a decentralized p2p cloud storage option that provides the highest grade of security, speed and efficiency. Not to mention low costs made possible by blockchain energy efficiency, providing industry-leading metaverse storage options.

Why developers build on AuroraFS

AuroraFS uses the combination of three layers of parallel technologies in a stack protocol to preserve valuable information and data that also makes information permanence issues a thing of the past. Multi-distributed node technology used by AuroraFS advances data storage and sharing capabilities and makes information permanence sustainable, enabling rapid data retrieval.

The API interface allows seamless connection for developers to plug in decentralized apps and open their user base to the massive AuroraFS global bandwidth, providing enough data bandwidth and storage space for even the largest Metaverse communities to build and archive their information routinely without a hitch.

Decentralized node technology for data storage advantages

Decentralized cloud storage offers a host of benefits and advantages to businesses, large organizations, networks and individuals. Nodes with varying roles generally store and distribute data in the AuroraFS network design scheme, to give commercial clients superior data storage and streaming capability.

The decentralized node system protects data and makes it readily accessible for speedy access by authorized users. That speed is enabled by a network system design which directs retrieval nodes to the most available node in the network, not based on proximity, so data retrieval speed is significantly higher with AuroraFS. AuroraFS provides commercial and industry-grade decentralized cloud storage solutions for:

Benefits of decentralized cloud storage

The benefits of decentralization combined with cloud storage is the leverage AuroraFS provides its users.

Data Security

AuroraFS uses a process called data sharding. It is empowered by an independently developed layer-1 blockchain technology, which fragments data into smaller bits of information called files, encoded and identifiable only as CIDs (Content Identifiers). After several rounds, the smallest bits of information (CIDs) are stored as root data in the AuroraFS underlying blockchain.

Data stored in the network nodes is only accessible by the authorized accessor who possesses the necessary key to retrieve the stored information to be reformatted, decoded and made into intelligible data according to the CID designations, for the end-user.

When Enduser – most cases a light node gets the storage nodes for specified CID from the chain, and creates a virtual connection to some of these nodes. In this case a virtual connection means the client may communicate storage nodes by some other nodes– relay nodes.

Not only is data and information safe from others and not readable in the fragmented form even if it was compromised, but also not even AuroraFS can read the information contained in the files, stored on the independent blockchain. Maximum safety and security is observed in the AuroraFS network. It is completely trustless because of the security made possible by blockchain technology. The p2p network is permissionless and secured by authorized access control, and is soon-to-be a market leading p2e gaming & metaverse storage proposition for performance and cost efficiency. As a mention, AuroraFS 2.0 will feature the additional security of re-encryption, which renders stored information unreadable if ever accessed in the blockchain.

Massive Metaverse Storage Capacity

The AuroraFS global peer network provides bandwidth and storage space in exchange for blockchain rewards in AUFS tokens. The self-incentivizing system works by a broadband mining model. Massive amounts of storage space are recruited this way, from independent community members located across the globe. While this increased space makes AuroraFS a leading option for large data clients, it also has other positive implications as well. Increased data storage capacity also gives way to increased efficiency and data speed.

Data Speed

Speed is one of the major obstacles for a decentralized system being efficient enough for commercial grade DApps. It is essential to have a fast secured decentralized data storage solution that can be implemented for saving files as well as retrieving when implementing large-scale commercial usage. The AuroraFS data sharing solution gives that extra speed because we want to help clients spend more time with their business, not waiting on idling systems to upload and download big data.

Data Reliability

Data reliability is ensured by blockchain performance. Storage should perform PoST (Proof-Of-Space-Time) to prove file data existing in the node. A file should be stored in multiple storage nodes, so then the blockchain will raise a new node to save data instead of the lost one and the new node will retrieve data from the remaining node.

Since AuroraFS uses the blockchain for data storage, stored information is permanent. It’s not going anywhere because the public blockchain ledger is fixed. That means the receipts are there to prove and archive all data transmissions. The trustless blockchain functionality creates an automatic time stamp (block) which leaves a trail every time even a small piece of information is presented or moved on the blockchain.

Join the AuroraFS community

AuroraFS endeavors to provide businesses and organizations with the best data storage, streaming and hosting solutions possible. Our big data solution saves time, space and potentially expense for large and small companies.

While AuroraFS is a solution for web3 aligned companies, businesses don’t need to be on the blockchain in order to benefit from decentralized cloud storage. Secure, efficient measures like data sharding and hashing keeps the most sensitive data and files completely safe from unauthorized access. Join the AuroraFS commercial client community and make data storage make sense with decentralization.