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Decentralized Storage for Games and the Metaverse on AuroraFS

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AuroraFS provides metaverse data storage and blockchain games hosting

AuroraFS was designed and developed for larger commercial data needs. Metaverse and decentralized blockchain games can present obstacles, especially since there aren’t many suitable hosts for developers to choose from. The storage requirements necessary for decentralized metaverse and gamefi developments can be immense.

While the blockchain does certainly provide significant benefits which digital and even traditionally non-digital businesses are able to capitalize on, not every decentralized cloud storage network is developed equally.

Build on AuroraFS with confidence

Digital technology and decentralization intersects most, if not all globally relevant industries and markets by now. But not every blockchain system and network design is the same. Sure, every blockchain developer and decentralized peer to peer network will advertise their services, but AuroraFS wants to make it clear why metaverse and gaming storage and function is better with us.

What advantage does AuroraFS really present to developers and front end metaverse users and gamers? What makes AuroraFS the best option for necessary system functions like storing NFT ownership data, NFT data storage, and other big data storage and streaming needs?

AuroraFS provides efficiency, security, and rewards.

Big data meets Big decentralized storage and streaming

Metaverse and gaming storage capacity can become big and expensive. When it comes to media data stored for streaming purposes, AuroraFS provides a large pool of bandwidth for streaming functions. Over 1 million nodes will make up the large, and increasing AuroraFS validator and bandwidth provider network.

Blockchain incentives draw more users and data device providers to the AuroraFS interconnected chain of individuals earning crypto in exchange for providing bandwidth that enables AuroraFS commercial-grade content distribution to ensue, and for the node’s participation in validating transaction processes on the blockchain. This system makes up the big data streaming and storage solution developed and implemented by AuroraFS. Metaverse web3 storage requirements and large NFT storage projects that necessitate the housing of NFT media data and other metadata can be stored in abundance using AuroraFS.

In the blockchain and parallel technologies which make up the AuroraFS, light nodes act differently when transmitting data than that of storage nodes which primarily store data. Operations requiring data transmission and storage require similarly large decentralized cloud storage network accommodations and functionality for client data needs.

AuroraFS data transmission speeds are amongst the best of all blockchains currently completed or in development. AuroraFS builds upon the strengths and weaknesses of several blockchain and file system technologies in order to create a unique innovation for our users – commercial clients.

Metaverse decentralized data storage on AuroraFS

The immense and available AuroraFS global data resource pool provides decentralized data storage needs for the largest metaverse communities. The smart contract capabilities and easy integration allows blockchain dapp developers to build state of the art decentralized applications atop the AuroraFS. Metaverse data storage requirements can be hard to secure and simply difficult to locate in today’s terrain. One of the best retrieval processes and rates to date gives metaverse developers immense advantages when building on AuroraFS.

In today’s growing digital world most metaverse iterations produce and sometimes even support users creation of NFTs in the form of characters, in-game items and wearables that can consist of an article of clothing, glasses, hats, and other accessories. NFTs can also include virtual real estate and property, art, music, video files and more.

AuroraFS network design makes it simple for users to share and exchange NFTs on digital platforms built on top of the AuroraFS network. NFTs and the data associated with their location and functioning capabilities must be stored on the blockchain also. The secured blockchain environment that makes up AuroraFS is an advanced blockchain NFT storage solution that puts AuroraFS developers in a league of their own.

Building a decentralized game system on AuroraFS

Gamefi developers feel right at home on AuroraFS. Decentralized blockchain games are being developed more rapidly than ever before. Now, more than ever, games are being used across industry lines in a variety of ways. Decentralized gamefi is being implemented in educational capacities to teach and onboard individuals to concepts of crypto, blockchain technology and the metaverse, and just about any industry or sub-industry that comes to mind.

The robust data capacity on the AuroraFS is enough to house a gamefi data center and operational control panel for the most complicated game functions. Data storage and decentralized content streaming requirements for gaming functions are a breeze when hosting on the AuroraFS network.

Big data needs a big canvas, and AuroraFS provides decentralized game developers that space, so that users experience games in the best blockchain environment, optimizing efficiency and enabling the seamless experience of all intended functionality developers and creative visionaries set out to share.

AuroraFS at the center of metaverse and game storage and streaming needs

The digital landscape is becoming increasingly competitive. It requires a plan and decisive advantages to adequately navigate the terrain. Large data capacity enabling increased decentralized streaming and storage capabilities accommodating enough for large and small metaverse and game developments is possible with AuroraFS.

Seamless metaverse and gaming experiences for users will keep them coming back and referring friends. No company wants to spend the amounts of money and time developing effective advertising channels and methods, only to have users bounce because of poor data performance.

Build on AuroraFS today!

AuroraFS takes the time and attention in providing the best hosting available for these services so that our customers and corporate clients can continue focusing on developing amazing metaverse iterations and gamefi realities!