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AuroraFS Decentralized P2P Cloud Storage Solution

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AuroraFS is a fast, reliable, secure industry data storage provider

The AuroraFS decentralized cloud data storage blockchain is designed specifically for clients with super-sized data demands. AuroraFS specializes in providing secure information solutions to industry data storage clients. The immense solutions provided by massive data and bandwidth capabilities made possible by the AuroraFS P2P cloud storage system give the enhanced network environment needed for commercial-grade data demands. The AuroraFS industry-grade solution is made possible by a parallel technological Web 3.0 stack protocol.

AuroraFS next-generation industry data storage solution

AuroraFS built upon technologies present in prior-developed filing systems and decentralized peer-to-peer computer network system designs to deliver the AuroraFS decentralized cloud storage and data retrieval network.

AuroraFS is a next generation data solution because of those same developments at work. A dedicated authorized distribution model, access performance optimization, and authorized access control all play key roles in setting AuroraFS industry-grade clients apart. Decentralized networks have achieved many things, and for that reason AuroraFS has been able to build on those fundamentals and develop a never-before-seen data network that upholds the fundamental principles of decentralization while providing maximum security on the blockchain network.

AuroraFS decentralized cloud storage system advantages

Advantages arising from the AuroraFS decentralized data storage solution affect significant positive impact for industry level client needs. Such benefits like reliability, heightened privacy, network security and fast data transmission speeds empowering the content distribution on AuroraFS decentralized industry data storage solution create the business advantages that make a difference in the market. While there are many advantages and benefits for AuroraFS clients, it is helpful to note some of the greater benefits to present the clear differences AuroraFS creates:

  • AuroraFS network is amongst the fastest data performance of all currently developed blockchain networks.
  • Decentralized cloud storage with AuroraFS is extremely cost effective.
  • The large P2P global bandwidth resource pool enables low data transmission cost
  • Location-independent decentralized cloud data storage only requires a secure network connection to utilize.
  • Competition created by crypto rewards keeps the AuroraFS broadband network strong.
  • ACO (Ant Colony Optimization) makes for the most efficient data routes.
  • Advanced DHT (Distributed Hash Tables) implementation enhances the data management process.
  • SDK’s (Software Development Kits) in the AuroraFS dapps hosting scheme enable multi-platform development.
  • RPC (Remote Procedure Call) and HTTP (Hypertext transfer protocol) interface enable fast, secure, simple dapps interfacing.

Security on AuroraFS is unique

The AuroraFS network stands out for the security differences provided by the superior decentralized cloud storage network. Until now decentralized data networks have not always been the most secure for private data storage needs since all of the nodes on most existing blockchain networks have access to all data held on the chain typically. In other cases data is first encrypted before being placed onto the open source blockchain network.

Security Measures

AuroraFS has a unique security measure in place. Authorized access control is a network security protocol which exists within the AuroraFS design. Authorized access control makes it such that when data is stored at a node (data storage site), a unique print is created which acts as a key. This key is referred to as an authorization certificate, and is needed whenever a requestor node requests access to data from a service node. If the requestor node does not present the authorization certificate, the service node denies the node access to the data and reports the unauthorized node to the blockchain. The blockchain then reports the unauthorized node by id, to the entire network and then distributes rewards to each of the nodes that were involved in the reporting and validating process.

AuroraFS 2.0 will introduce an additional security measure – re-encryption. This will perpetuate the security of stored data and cause information to be useless if accessed while stored in the blockchain environment.

This security difference by the AuroraFS p2p cloud storage system creates a blockchain network environment that is safe enough for industry-grade clients with the most detailed, advanced security needs.

  • Decentralized finance networks and secured payments processors.
  • Gamefi and metaverse data storage needs.
  • NFT and all interconnected NFT owner data, function and metadata needs.
  • Decentralized exchange and trading platforms.
  • Decentralized content storage and streaming platforms.
  • Government and military affairs and operational needs.
  • Education networks for schools and universities.
  • Court networks and attorneys.
  • Hospitals and medical record keeping.
  • Retail business transactions and records.

AuroraFS provides high-performance cloud storage

AuroraFS not only provides industry clients with the security of authorized access control and enhanced privacy on a decentralized network, but the speed required for commercial operations is provided by the efficient AuroraFS system design.

Ant Colony Optimization is a more efficient method

An ant colony optimization algorithm is utilized in the AuroraFS design. Industry level requirements are met with the ACO scheme, which mimics the behavior of live ants in this computer science data retrieval system. Tracks are laid for the network to define and remember data routes in this implementation.

Dedicated automatic data distribution

In a normal DHT (distributed hash table) network design an automatic data distribution model is the system implementation. In this system nodes that are called upon for data from a requestor node become permanent data access points for all nodes in the network. This works against efficiency and can slow data retrieval rates tremendously in a decentralized network.

In the AuroraFS a dedicated automatic data distribution model is used in the implementation. In this design the difference is that nodes from which data is requested become dedicated access points for that specific requestor going forward. In AuroraFS that specific storage node is no longer available to any other node in the network after it is used to access data by the one specific requestor node. The requestor node, however, can service different clients with the same information, as it is cached after retrieval. Fast data retrieval makes AuroraFS a top choice for industry and commercial applications.

AuroraFS decentralized cloud storage system advantages

Market statistics show that decentralized cloud storage is not keeping up with the decentralized cloud market, which needs it so desperately in order to operate effectively, efficiently and grow. With the increasing amounts of data and code being written in our digitally-dominated world, it will need to go somewhere and be implemented within an efficient decentralized system. All industries are converging upon the digital space to integrate their corporate models onto the blockchain environment.

AuroraFS seeks to address this imbalance before it becomes a more grave and imminent threat to the continued innovation of web 3.0 development, and such a significant focus on the metaverse and aligned concepts. Global cloud storage is growing at rapid rates. According to data analyzed by Statista, worldwide public cloud storage is expected to exceed $407 billion in 2022, and grow at a rate just about 15%. This puts current projections at $732 billion by 2026 for all combined public cloud storage globally.

The global cloud backup market is projected to grow significantly, but not as rapidly. The sharpest projections put the cloud storage market at $190 billion in revenue globally by the year 2027. This is 26% of the projected revenue for the global public cloud market projections for 2026.

AuroraFS is the difference for commercial-grade cloud data storage

AuroraFS continues to work diligently to scale and expand the superior industry quality decentralized data cloud network and provide commercial clients with unrivaled data solutions in today’s digital world. AuroraFS has commercial cloud data needs which cover all industries. Let AuroraFS enhance the secure data storage and transmission needs predicated by your company’s business mission, practice and process.