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Blockchain Based Data Distribution Network

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AuroraFS Industry Scale Data Distribution Solution

Industry-grade decentralized data distribution

Industry-grade data distribution is a reality with the AuroraFS network. The AuroraFS peer to peer network blockchain provides fast, reliable, secure content distribution for all metaverse and blockchain data streaming needs.

The robust global data resource pool made available by the independent AuroraFS network gives an edge to DApps and blockchain developers. Fulfill a wide range of decentralized content distribution needs for blockchain and metaverse projects. Applications depending on audio and media streaming, as well as real-time HD quality video streaming, are accomplished by the AuroraFS Web3Tube application.

Fast, reliable, secure data distribution

What sets AuroraFS apart is the state of the art Web 3.0 technological stack protocol in place. Ant Colony Optimization ensures the absolute best route for data retrieval as an ongoing measure of efficiency. Authorized access control to the data stored on the peer to peer blockchain network keeps security intact without compromising speed or efficiency.

Ant Colony Optimization speeds up data retrieval

Ant Colony optimization is a data retrieval method which bases its algorithm on trails that are used to mark out the most efficient routes for data travel for playback and streaming efficiency. The ACO strategy implemented within the AuroraFS P2P network is a part of what sets AuroraFS apart from other content distribution networks.

Additionally seamless integration into the highly adaptable API interface helps create a positive UX to assist in organic client retention and growth. As a DApps or blockchain developer, imagine how easily it will be to keep users and/or clients when utilizing a platform that is genuinely superior to any other development currently on the market.

AuroraFS is a one-of-a-kind, first-of-its-kind peer-to-peer blockchain network which provides extremely high quality content distribution. To be among one of the earliest to develop on such a cutting edge network certainly works to offer a level of exclusivity for just about any metaverse or blockchain proposition.

Automatic data distribution enhances streaming capability

A typical distributed hash table network design implements an automatic data distribution model. Efficiency is typically not achieved in this system design, since storage nodes become permanent access points for all requestor nodes in the network once initially called upon for data. In order for efficiency to be addressed and achieved in any decentralized content streaming application or system, it is necessary to make a slight adjustment to this by expanding it out to what is referred to as dedicated data storage.

In a dedicated automatic data distribution model the difference in implementation is that nodes from which data is requested become dedicated access points for each specific requestor, and therefore unavailable to any other requestor node on the network for maximum speed in data transmission.

Whereas, in a blockchain based dedicated automatic data distribution network, requestor nodes are also different in that they cache information pulled from the storage nodes, and can therefore service multiple clients as they request access to that cached information. Fast data transmission speeds make AuroraFS the only existing option for high-quality industry and commercial development needs.

Superior, seamless API Integration promotes functional interoperability

Developing on the AuroraFS network is a rewarding experience for decentralized application and blockchain developers, their users and clients. Developers work long and hard to bring their ideas to life. The last thing a new or developing project needs is a sub-par data distribution network with limitations within the application programming interface causing a loss of customers or other retention challenges.

AuroraFS helps bring more clients and users to your decentralized creation. Once users experience the superior AuroraFS network the opportunity then arises for them to share details of that experience organically with others.

The API interface and all elements of the content distribution system should match the quality and efficiency of the decentralized proposition. That is exactly what AuroraFS is intentional to create for hard-working projects and developers.

SDKs designed for multi-platform development interface through RPC and HTTP API functioning. DApps on AuroraFS implement multi-platform functioning and can be created, deployed or experienced on PCs, smartphones and/or tablets by the user community.

Whatever the data streaming needs may be, AuroraFS makes the process undeniably better and can help bring more users into your decentralized community!