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Earn Crypto rewards for unused broadband with AuroraFS

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Earn crypto rewards for unused broadband and devices on AuroraFS

AuroraFS decentralized cloud storage blockchain has a system that rewards individuals across the globe for contributing unused broadband to the AuroraFS global data resource pool. Web3 protocol, or the decentralized internet iteration, is changing the face of data use, storage and transmission.

Insights into bandwidth & broadband mining on AuroraFS

AuroraFS gives crypto rewards to miners who provide broadband capacity to the AuroraFS decentralized data resource pool. The concept of bandwidth and broadband mining is not new, but certainly considered to be in its early development stage by most industry insiders and experts. Think of all of the crypto rewards you could receive and compound daily for dedicating unused broadband devices and available bandwidth to the secured AuroraFS network.

No risk of security threats or direct harm to your devices, as devices and data are recruited into the secure AuroraFS network. Broadband mining and bandwidth device mining with AuroraFS is the definition of truly passive income.

Web usage mining for data performance

Allocate computing processing power to the AuroraFS network. AuroraFS uses DHT (distributed hash table) algorithm and ACO (Ant Colony Optimization) to enhance data performance on the decentralized network.

Dedicate device processing power to the superior data performance AuroraFS network which strives to deliver commercial clients and the communities of dapps users they serve.

Web usage mining can be a rewarding endeavor. Do nothing but devote your CPU processing power and AuroraFS technology does the rest. You don’t have to do anything other than allocate computing power to the AuroraFS network and just that quick, you’re passively earning cryptocurrency daily.

Crypto Mining with AuroraFS

Crypto miners sit at a slightly different place in the rewards cycle than everyone else. Crypto miners, and blockchain validators are first to receive rewards, even before traders and investors. Nothing happens on any decentralized network without miners and the work they do mining the cryptocurrency on any blockchain independent of the varying different consensus schemes. The same reigns true for AuroraFS. The various data mining techniques on AuroraFS have been designed to be highly rewarding.

Crypto mining is the process of staking cryptocurrency coins onto the blockchain network, in exchange for crypto token rewards from the host network. AuroraFS self-incentivizing design made possible by the blockchain system, is an inwardly rewarding machine that incentivizes miners to dedicate all or a portion of AUFS metaverse token holdings to continually power the proof-of-stake validating system running the AuroraFS decentralized network.

AuroraFS mining options are rewarding

Whether by dedicating broadband and a device, Web3 browsing processing power to enhance network data performance, or crypto tokens to validate transactions on the AuroraFS blockchain network, the rewards can be immense. Every day on the AuroraFS network is green for miners who donate broadband, devices, processing power and/or AUFS crypto to help power the peer to peer decentralized cloud storage network on the decentralized web.

Don’t wait another moment. If WiFi-enabled devices are idle and available, you could be putting them to use to help power a global data resource pool with enough bandwidth to stream HD quality videos real-time across a decentralized peer to peer network blockchain. AuroraFS looks to put our miners out with earnings that leave no questions. Find out why mining with AuroraFS is the most rewarding broadband or crypto mining experience you could possibly ever have.