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Earn Crypto Staking Rewards with AuroraFS

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Staking crypto on AuroraFS P2P decentralized cloud storage network

Cryptocurrency staking on AuroraFS is made simple, allowing participants to earn crypto staking rewards in different ways. The staking protocol for AuroraFS requires bandwidth and AUFS metaverse tokens to be designated to the AuroraFS network in order for cryptocurrency rewards to be earned.

Initially 100 tokens was chosen as the number of AUFS crypto coins to be allocated in order for individuals to participate in the broadband mining arm of staking on AuroraFS. Staking is different on AuroraFS in this way.

How is staking on AuroraFS decentralized cloud storage network different?

Staking crypto on AuroraFS is different in that the tokens required to join the AuroraFS network are meant to be a barrier of entry to nodes that could have or develop malicious intent towards the network or take over massive node openings, and thereby create obstacles for others.

The tokens required to be put into the AuroraFS p2p blockchain network provides an extra layer of accountability by keeping those potential nodes out, and keeping the crypto rewards competitive for AuroraFS staking-miners.

How does staking work on AuroraFS?

Staking crypto on AuroraFS requires having an adequate broadband-enabled device which will be connected to the global AuroraFS decentralized cloud network to add to the broadband of the total network in exchange for crypto rewards for the assistance provided to the network. This allows the purpose of staking to be fulfilled, as nodes are needed to handle the storage and data needs of the decentralized p2p network blockchain.

Nodes will earn passive income from two different types of activities in the income of traffic model on AuroraFS.

  1. Traffic charges paid for the movement and retrieval of data down the network.
  2. Computing power rewards paid for the device’s bandwidth contribution to the network.

Beyond this, computing power rewards can also be divided further into two caveats in order for individuals to comprehend the further intricacies of the AuroraFS design and staking model and pay to staking miners.

  1. Basic computing power which is paid based on the basic bandwidth a node is providing the blockchain network.
  2. Verifiable traffic computing, which the decentralized network pays across all users as verifiable is introduced and delegated.

Is staking crypto profitable on AuroraFS?

Crypto staking on AuroraFS can certainly be rewarding. The model designates tokens to individuals on a daily basis for their assistance in making the network move. The model designed to reward nodes 24/7 for their addition to the AuroraFS blockchain network in exchange for staking tokens to the network and providing bandwidth, works without a hitch. The AuroraFS rewards structure was designed for individuals to be able to stake crypto from the comfort of their own home, like AuroraFS believes it should be. The rewards are earned in multiple ways by node providers, as explained.

What are other details and how do I get started?

Staking crypto for rewards on AuroraFS is done in 6 month increments, and penalties are assessed for liquidating early from the staking agreement. The following requirements exist for devices in order to properly allocate bandwidth and the broadband device to AuroraFS system use.

  1. Download and install the latest version of the AuroraFS mining node.
  2. A public IP address is strongly recommended, or at least a router with an activated UPNP.
  3. Greater than 20 Mbps uplink bandwidth is needed.
  4. Minimum processor requirements are Arm Cortex-A53 (2+ cores) or Intel Celeron
    J1900+, while an Arm Cortex-A53 (4+ cores) is recommended.
  5. At least 1GB of memory is needed, but over 2GB is recommended.
  6. SSD storage capacity of at least 16GB, and more than 50GB is recommended.
  7. At least 1TB of data storage available, while over 4TB is the recommendation.

Get started now

Now, more than ever, individuals from anywhere in the world are able to take advantage of the crypto staking and broadband mining model established by AuroraFS to put coins back in the pockets of the people. Crypto staking rewards are made accessible to most everyone on AuroraFS.

The bandwidth and staked crypto coins provided to the functioning of the AuroraFS network deserves to be rewarded, and AuroraFS has figured out how, using the self-incentivizing cycle inherent to the blockchain environment to perpetuate itself.