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AUFS Metaverse Tokens

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AuroraFS decentralized P2P blockchain network and AUFS

The AUFS token is used by AuroraFS decentralized cloud storage blockchain network. The AUFS metaverse token powers applications implemented upon AuroraFS, making the processes involved in decentralized content streaming and other electronic filing and storage efficient and seamless on the network.

AuroraFS ecosystem powered by the AUFS crypto coin

The AuroraFS decentralized network ecosystem is a peer-to-peer content storage and distribution platform. Operations built along the decentralized network include Web3Tube, a decentralized video uploading and sharing platform where users are able to upload videos and earn crypto token rewards for actions taken such as video streaming and purchases, subscribers, and more.

Platform subscribers and content producers alike utilize AUFS to function within the fully decentralized HD quality video sharing platform. Future AuroraFS applications will use AUFS tokens as network currency, in addition to commercial clients who build DApps on the unique AuroraFS decentralized network in order to leverage the industry-grade global broadband resource pool.

AUFS tokenomics

A total of 2.438 billion AUFS tokens are in circulation. A majority , 67.19% of the token allocation is dedicated to total broadband rewards, as it represents the backbone of the AuroraFS network movement. The incentivization of network users to provide AuroraFS with broadband through crypto staking, is what is required for the seamless operation of the system.

Bandwidth Rewards – 64.19% or 1,565,208,960 tokens will go towards bandwidth rewards.

Storage Rewards – 3% or 73,152,000 tokens will go towards storage rewards.

Aurora FS Foundation – 3% or 73,152,000 tokens will go towards supporting ongoing maintenance and ecosystem development.

Gauss Aurora Lab – 14.01% or 341,619,840 tokens will be allocated to Gauss Aurora lab professionals who developed and released the initial product which enabled storage users to access and utilize the hardware infrastructure for network development and deployment.

Network Users – 15.8% or 385,267,200 tokens will be allocated to network users in private rounds.