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AuroraFS P2P Cloud Storage Network

AuroraFS business-grade decentralized cloud storage system

AuroraFS is the first decentralized cloud storage system with commercial standard, high-quality video streaming, with web3-enabled decentralized data storage capabilities large enough for metaverse storage & YouTube-like P2P video streaming and social network platform development.

AuroraFS peer to peer network blockchain and decentralized storage gives way to an array of practical business applications. The AuroraFS decentralized p2p cloud storage network changes the face of web3 content distribution based on three key elements.

  1. Increased data storage (space)
  2. Enhanced data streaming (bandwidth)
  3. Decentralized computing (processing power)

AuroraFS offers a host of advantages and benefits

  • Anti DDoS – Distributed denial of service is a bot-based computing attack that can knock servers offline, gain access and steal data. AuroraFS is resistant to DDoS attacks.
  • Fault Tolerance – The AuroraFS is able to operate if one or more of the system components stops working.
  • Censorship Resistant – The distributed blockchain ledger is resistant to being stopped, seized, manipulated, vetoed, or controlled.
  • Self-sustaining – The blockchain-powered internally incentivizing structure powers the self-sustaining AuroraFS p2p cloud storage system economy and network of users and bandwidth providers.

Content distribution is changing due to the increase of metaverse development and Web3 technology intersecting with many facets of everyday life. At some point technological platforms and applications will be required to stream decentralized content once it becomes commonplace for browser specifications to be advanced to Web3. This creates a need for a better decentralized data storage and distribution solution.

Private data ownership with Web3

AuroraFS decentralized content distribution is Web3 integrated. All data transmission happens through an authorized access control, meaning it’s shared P2P via the AuroraFS decentralized data solution upon meeting authorized node requirements. Data is privately owned in the Web3 iteration.

Web3 expansion is increasing data storage and streaming needs

Now more than ever Web3 and metaverse development is pushing the need for better data storage and distribution. Current tech developments lack the infrastructure to serve as sufficient decentralized storage solutions for one reason or another and traditional cloud storage solutions will soon be irrelevant, as technology is advancing quickly.

AuroraFS is Estimated to be Approximately A Tenth Of Cost Vs Cloud Storage

AuroraFS moves cloud storage systems ahead through web3-capable decentralization. AuroraFS is built with an infrastructure made up of a web3.0 stack protocol which supports commercial-grade decentralized file storage, data streaming, metaverse data storage and other decentralized data services and application utilities. This saves enterprises and users huge costs for both storage and bandwidth.

The best option for high quality decentralized data storage and streaming

Blockchain and DApps developers have been racing to further innovate the blockchain and web3 space. The tech limitations of bandwidth and storage space have, until now, been further complicated by a lack of rewards. AuroraFS has developed a network of technologies to address these issues.

AuroraFS design

The AuroraFS is composed of an interoperable plug-in level for DApps, AuroraFS API interface and global decentralized resource pool supported by the underlying independent blockchain. These elements come together to create the decentralized content distribution network which can power many different types of DApps across business and industry sectors.

  1. Global decentralized resource pool – P2P Bandwidth and data storage pool powered by high TPS blockchain technology.
  2. API Interface – Layer of protocols that communicate with developer DApps to provide data service for their user needs.
  3. DApps – The DApp layer where developers connect and build their own web3.0 applications for consumers.

High quality decentralized web3 storage solution

Now high quality decentralized storage solutions are made available through the internal incentives of the blockchain. High processing power, bandwidth and data storage space are provided in abundance for superior cloud streaming and P2P data sharing services and commercial applications.

Imagine the best streaming platform, but on the blockchain, with crypto powering the network behind the platform. AuroraFS video streaming application Web3Tube, achieves high definition video streaming with peer-to-peer sharing, likes, dislikes and commenting ability. It is powered by a peer provided global data resource pool, where data providers are incentivized with crypto, to dedicate their devices and bandwidth to the network.

Web3Tube from AuroraFS decentralized cloud storage blockchain demonstrates first hand, how to upload media files and replay them in a mobile DApp, in which AuroraFS streams and distributes the content. AUFS moves the network, as users pay a rate determined by the creator for video download via blockchain transmission.

Web3Tube from AuroraFS

Web3Tube gives users the ability to like and dislike videos, comment and share with others in their network. Creators have the ability to design unique playlists to share collections and themed videos. Web3Tube will launch in Q2.

P2P Web3 decentralized bandwidth resource pool

Web3 decentralized streaming is possible with AuroraFS stack protocol providing industry-leading bandwidth capabilities for commercial DApps hosting. AuroraFS has the benefit of being self-incentivizing thanks to developed blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The broadband mining model utilized by AuroraFS is dependent upon independent broadband providers. This is another built-in incentivizing sub-system within the AuroraFS.

The AuroraFS bandwidth is provided by a P2P decentralized data resource pool stretching across the globe, with over 1 million nodes. Nodes are bandwidth devices dedicated to the network by users who are rewarded with AUFS for validation and completing other network transaction actions.

The global data resource pool stretching across the world, gives a high performance UX streaming and data sharing experience good enough to broadcast the equivalent of a high resolution YouTube video in real-time playback.

Decentralized data streaming utilities

AuroraFS gives rise to a wide range of decentralized applications for developers to build atop the AuroraFS API interface. AuroraFS even simplifies it and provides steps to build an app on the AuroraFS and go live. Applications requiring a cloud storage platform for sharing or data filing operations, businesses and DeFi projects, video communication apps and networks, can all benefit from developing on the AuroraFS interface.

Web3 content distribution

The AuroraFS decentralized cloud storage blockchain is designed with enough bandwidth to provide premium Web3 content distribution in video, audio or any data type. The cloud storage setup supports large data distribution clients.

Decentralized content creation

AuroraFS decentralized storage system supports decentralized content creation, shareable on the blockchain. Video, art, music, podcasts, books and all forms of content can be moved into the blockchain environment and Web3 integration, with creators and consumers setting prices between them without a centralized entity controlling the algorithm.

Decentralized live broadcast

The decentralized data distribution AuroraFS provides outperforms centralized storage systems and streaming. Decentralized live broadcasts can be supported on the AuroraFS Web3 protocol all while ensuring streaming privacy and security.

Decentralized gamefi storage and trading

AuroraFS has enough processing power to provide quality cloud storage services and sharing capacity for decentralized gamefi projects and ecosystems. Gamefi is a multi-billion dollar industry and part of the leading components opening the way for increased web3 integration. AuroraFS has the capability to store the network and support ecosystem processing.

Metaverse storage and service

Metaverse tokens similar to AUFS can develop their ecosystems directly on top of the AuroraFS decentralized Web3 network. Network cloud storage provided by the underlying P2P global data resource pool, is accessed by the metaverse to service processing and storage needs.

Blockchain development

With the extensive scalability in networking capability on AuroraFS, even blockchains can be developed from the framework. Scalability of the AuroraFS network allows blockchain developers an ideal canvas to create entirely new networks upon its adaptable network.

Independent multi-chain blockchain technology

AuroraFS provides a unique independent layer-1 blockchain solution to the market. The blockchain at use is the development of AuroraFS labs, developers of the idea and foundation of the Web3 stack protocol – the multi-chain functioning blockchain.

The innovative blockchain network has 3 layers which form it, and interconnects with the AuroraFS network to ultimately provide DApp capability to developers. The root chain grounds the blockchain, while the relay chain sends and receives information to the shard-chain. The shard-chain fragments data into smaller bits – a process which increases network efficiency. The sub-chain calculates math equations like rewards for nodes providing bandwidth and validating within the network.

Highly adaptable API interface for various applications

The API interface layered on top of the AuroraFS blockchain is highly integratable to encourage a variety of commercial application development and integration. AuroraFS supports decentralized files storage, data distribution and transmission, and cloud storage services capability.

New and experienced developers can build applications of all sorts and use cases on the AuroraFS.

Cloud storage and content streaming at its best

The research and engineering that has gone into the AuroraFS development has taken time. The outcome has been the first real use-case for a commercial grade decentralized data network which empowers many distinct, innovative, new developments and applications.

AuroraFS aims to encourage advanced Web3 decentralized data projects, developers and businesses to leverage the global data provided by the AuroraFS decentralized cloud storage blockchain network to build applications that can service clients near and far with extravagant tech build outs like social media platforms and metaverses.

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